Summing up the 2013...

Here's my very subjective list containing my favourite albums of the last year. Those albums are really great in my opinion - I'm sure I will be enjoying them for many, many years!
By the way - I'm sure that there are propably still some great albums that I haven't listen to, but as for this moment my favs are:

Caladan Brood

'Echeos of Battle'

A very cool debut. Caladan Brood is hailing from States and playing epic/atmospheric black metal. Fans of old Summoning and epicness in music in general - this music is made particulary for You!
Read a review here (by the way - it is my first review ever done. Please be understanding).
You can also read an interview with a band here.

Carpe Noctem 

'In Terra Profugus'

Another great debut album. Carpe Noctem, an icelandic black metal band, had recorded an insane music. Pure insanity in a form of sonic landscape... Fans of extremity should appreciate much this release.
Read a review here and the interview with a band here.



'The Underground Resistance'

Well, this band doesn't need any introduction, does it? In my opinion 'The Underground Resistance' is another good move in Darkthrone's 'career'. A very good example how the passion can e forged into a great songs.
There is no review yet - it's a bit embarrasing, but I started to listen to this album very late. Yet you can expect some of my thoughts about it soon!



Many people were complaining that Vatyas has again recorded the same music. But since I am a great fan of Falkenbach, I must say that I feel perfectly OK with that. 'Asa' is a great album that I will be surely torturing for a very long time!
Read a review here.

Rotting Christ

'Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού'

Generally speaking there are two types of Rotting Christ fans - those who are spitting on the new albums and keep being kvlt and trve, and those who enjoy new stuff anyway. I defenitely belong to the latter category. In my opinion Greeks recorded great album, much better than a bit boring 'Aealo'.
Read my review here.


'Old Mornings Dawn'

Yeah, I know that many fans are complaining about new Summoning releases. 'Too modern they are' - say ones. 'Too sweet it is' - say others. Personally I don't care. Beside a terrible intro I worship this album - and I return to it veeery often. One of the most important albums of 2013 for me.
Read my review here and the interview with whole band here.

The Flight of Sleipnir


Those Americans know how to create an awesome mix of doom/stoner/viking metal with some acoustic motifs. A very original piece of music, sadly I have a feeling that it's at the same time very underrated.
My review is here.
You can also read what the band have to say about their work - here. 

Daemonia Nymphe


And now some of neofolk albums that I was enjoying in last year. 'Psychostasia' is a first of them. It's onirique, ethereal atmosphere and the lyrics based on old, greek hymns hailing ancient gods creates a fantastic music. Everyone who had never heard it - it's time to correct this mistake!
Read a review here.


'Runaljod - Yggdrassil'

And last but not least - Wardruna. Everybody who had heard this album knows how fantastic it is. A norse folklore, runes and shamanistic rituals - that are the key-words. 'Yggdrasil' is a great, spiritual journey through the meaning of norse runes deep into your soul (how poetic I am by the way).
Read my review here.

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