Falkenbach - "Asa" (2013)



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OK, let's start this review with the only flaw that "Asa" has: the cover could be better. Really, Bierstadt is a great painter, but this particular artwork is only not bad. Of course in some way it represents the atmosphere of the album, but still it's not stunning.
And that's it. Now prepare for the one, long complimenting (or ass-licking, if you want). The new Falkenbach's album "Asa" shows a pure genius of Vratyas. It is amazing how this men can create such a powerful material, even if he really didn't record anything new. Again. Yes, dear readers - Falkenbach doesn't develop nor changes it's music much. It's specific style can't be faked by any other band, and if you heard the previous albums "Tiurida", "Heralding" etc. you know what to expect. Most of the tracks (beside more diverse "Bluot Fuër Bluot") can be divided into two categories: the first one is a folk-epic side. These songs contain many parts of acoustic guitar, playing together with heavy riffs and clear, longing vocals of Vakyas. As always they are a bit nostalgic and a bit (only a bit) epic. Also, as on my ear there is less folk instruments this time. I don't know how this band do it, but it really sounds outstanding. The music contains some magic, that you immediatelly falls into the atmposphere of each hymn... Just listen to the single promoting this album - "Eweroun" - and you will understand that I am right.
The second category are tracks based on traditional black metal from the early 90s. And I will write it in that way: they are amazing! The riffs are dynamic as hell, and remind me again the best era in black metal's history. Just check out this opening riff from "I Nattens Stilta" - it's SO FUCKING INSANE! Or a genius riffs from "Stike Wound" with the polka-beats in the background! By the way it can be clearly heared that Vratyas had well chosen his line-up. The musicians proof that they are really experienced, and their abilities can be seen here perfectly. The heavier side of "Asa" is absolutely not complicated (like the softer side, to be honest), yet the music is so memorable... You can clearly hear an ancient spirit of this music.
"Asa" is one of the greatest albums of this year, if not best. A must-have for fans of pagan and epic metal.

Rate: 10/10

Lyric video for official single "Eweroun":

1. Vaer Stjerdan Vaerdan
2. Wulfarveijd
3. Mijn Laezt Wourd
4. Bronzen Embrace
5. Eweroun
6. I Nattens Stilta
7. Bluot Fuër Bluot
8. Stike Wound
9. Ufirstanan Folk

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