Din Brad - "Dor" (2012)

Din Brad


Prophecy Prods.


Din Brad is a neofolk side-project of Negru - a drummer of Negura Bunget. It's music bases on the romanian traditional folk tunes, and "Dor" is his (their?) first release.
I have a problem with this album, but it's hard to say why. First of all, I don't like when keyboards are overused in any music - and "Dor" is full of electronic tunes in the background. There are moments when it sounds really amazing ("Doina", for example) but there is also time when they are making music a bit worse. Yes, only a bit - thankfuly it doesn't ruin music. 
Another flaw of this album are a capella tracks - so without any music, only pure work of the vocalist. When I heard first of them ("Poarce'n Suflet Greu Pacatu") I was astonished - as it was great. Generally speaking vocals (one male and one female) on this album are done in the traditional, carpathian style. People who lives in those mountains are very specific, and such is also their music - you cannot mistake it with anything else. So I was surprised, especially when I understood that it sounda similar to the singing of polish highlanders. But then I discovered that there is too much of it - it's simply tiring, and the album looses it's power and cohesion. In my opinion that was a very weak idea - one, or maybe two a capella songs would be great, but five? Come on!
OK, I complaint a bit, now it's time to compliment :) All this flaws bleak (even if not completely...) when you listen to this album gently and alone. As I said, the carpathian way of singing is specific and Din Brad successfuly forged it into a hypnotic, mysterious soundscape. Such tracks like "Durere", mentioned "Doina" or "Cine Iubeste Ci Lasa" (which bases on traditional romanian song, just in new, darker arrangement) are so charged with emotions that you cannot pass them without paying any attention to them! The album is really amazing, so really too bad that those a capella tracks weakens the atmosphere of this release.
Well, to sum it up: the album is worth your attention (if you like neofolk music, of course). It draws you to the mystical trip through the carpathian's valleys - a place of mystery and darkness (how poetic I am, haha)... Before I end this review, I would also like to add that I've seen this band onstage on the concert here in Poland. The music sounded even better than on CD. So if you will have this oportunity - I recommend you to see their show for your own. It's a beautiful, nostalgic trip, really...

Rate: 8/10

Here you can listen to the official track from Youtube:

1. Amar
2. Imbratisat De Dor
3. Poarce'n Suflet Greu Pacatu
4. Doina
5. Cintecul Cununei
6. Dor
7. Of, Of, Viata
8. Durere
9. Foaie Verde, Odolean
10. Cine Iubeste Ci Lasa 
11. Bradule, Bradutule
(I can't use romanian letters, unfortunetely)

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