Jarun - "Wziemiozstąpienie" (2012)





Jarun is a polish black/folk/progressive band founded by Zagreus in 2008 in Nowy Sącz. "Wziemiozstąpienie" (try to say it fast, huh!) is their debut album. A very tasty debut album, I must admit. I've heard many good opinions about this young horde, but the music that their bring us pass all my expectations. But ab ovo.
The core of the whole music is here black metal. If the band wants they can create good aggressive riffs, like they purpose was destruction of everything (parts of the opening "Wziemiozstąpienie" or "Niech moje słowa będą ogniem"). But black metal represented by Jarun is for most of the time more atmospheric, with big usage of acoustic themes and calm, muted parts. Evey track is full of such parts, so that it is hard to count which one would be a good example of such kind of playing (maybe "Deszcz", with the sounds of raining in the background?). Generally speaking the music is very dynamic, it changes quite often from one mood to another so that it's hard to get bored with that. That's the merit of a bit progressive approach. In such moments prevails calmer parts, giving a good oportunity for bass player to show that his instrument can be used in very interesting way. Such kind of playing reminds me some of "atmospherical" bands, especially polish Furia. 
The last element which gives Jarun very unique, original character are folk references. I would say that if at the beginning this "folkish" attitude is a bit hidden behind progressive and purely pagan metal kind of playing, than since the track "Przebudzenie" it prevails. To be honest it sounds amazing when progressive parts (raised from classic rock!) mix with folk tunes and black metal vocals ("Powrót"). Of course this effect is achieved only with usage of riffing - there are no traditional instruments in Jarun's music.
I am bought. Really - the creativeness of this black-metallers is so fresh and non-trivial that it is a must-have for every fan of a bit progressive, atmospheric music as well as fans of pagan metal. And good music in general ;] And about rating - it is so high inter alia because it's only a debut! Personally I hope that their another material will be at least as great as "Wziemiozstąpienie", if not better.

Rate: 10/10

Music "video" to "Zamieć":

1. Wziemiozstąpienie
2. Deszcz
3. Prawdy ulotne
4. Przebudzenie
5. Niech moje słowa będą ogniem
6. Powrót
7. Zamieć
8. I znowu zima...

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