Furia - 'W melancholii' (2013)


'W Melancholii'

Pagan Recs.


'W melancholii' is the second EP released by Furia - a polish black metal horde, which like to experiment from time to time. This time Let The World Burn crew experiments even more than usual.
There are only two tracks here, but they're total playing time is almost 18 minutes - quite long. Both are also played in similar way. Everyone who was expecting a black metal inferno will be obviously disappointed. But from the other side - do you really expect any predictability from this band? But back to the topic - both tracks are very minimalistic and, let say, muted. The guitars play slowly psychodelic motifs, from time to time being accompanied by drums. Label 'experimantal' is quite on the spot in this case - all these guitar dissonances and noises in the background seems to only strengthen my point. The atmosphere is really amazing, especially when you are listenning to it in headphones, completely alone. The title means in polish 'In melancholy', and I think that it's very suitable - music is very calm, and indeed melancholic.
Beside normal metal instruments the music is also supported by some frugal electronic tunes, which make this release even more distant from the typical 'few accords and screaming' scheme. This a bit 'cosmic' sound is really breathtaking. Also the ending of both of the tracks is very unexpected. Especially the first one will surprise you hehe. From my side I would like to just add that this motif is simply amazing - it's propably my favourite part of this EP. Another proof that the guys are not affraid to do anything they want.
Well, and that's it - short release means short review. My conclusion is as follows: people buy this thing, 'cause it's worth you money and time.

Rate: 8/10

Listen to Furia's music here, from bandcamp.

1. Z melancholika krew nie wypływa
2. Napuchną mną drzewa
Total time: 17:36

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