Emyn Muil - 'Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga' (2013)

Emyn Muil

'Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga'

Nartum Music Projects


Epicness, atmosphere, black metal and Tolkien - what band comes to your head? Of course Summoning. There are/were quite many bands influenced by this legendary duo - one were better, other were worse. Emyn Muil, a debutant one-men solo project from the sunny Italia is one of another austrians disciples.
Other band that comes to my head is of course Elffor. The label/band put to this list also Windir and Arathorn. Well, the elements of the first one can be barely heard here, the second one is unknown to me. Yet I hope that you got the general idea? The music is epic, yet also very raw and dark. The closest clue are here three first albums of Summoning - they have more or less similar atmosphere. The production is not very well, vocals are screaming in an unintelligible way and keyboard-based ambient creates 'epicness'. I have nothing against 'bad' production, but here sometimes everything is merge into one thing. Another fail are in my opinion keyboards - in many places they sound very synthetic. I mean especially purely ambient tracks, 'cause the metal ones sounds much better. Today it's way easier to create more natural sound, so being blindly gazed in Summoning is not the best idea in this case.
Most of the tracks are not very original. It is clearly heard that Saverio, the guy responsible for this project, is still under a big influence of mentioned hordes. Well, not everyone is a genius able to create something completely fresh at the first time. I'm affraid that due to this fact Emyn Muil will land in 'for Summoning maniacs' label, and this is not completely fair. There are tracks that are really good, with no doubt (opening one, 'Path of the Doomed',  or defenitely the best song  'Death of Glaurung'). Especially great is the using of 'choirs', or battle cries (you name it) and war horns. Some of the riffs are also really fine, very heavy and catchy - a motif from 'Turin Son of Hurin' is a good example. Too bad that many times soughing production makes it impossible to hear it well. Ambient tracks can be also a great interludes - 'The Sack of Nargothrond' is a shining point of this release, made in an excellent way. On the other hand, I think that  sometimes there is too much of it. Putting three ambient composition one after another in the middle of the album wasn't really the best idea.
So in conclusion - the album is not bad, but it can be done better. I was complaining a lot, but the music really makes a very positive impression in many parts. People who love raw, epic stuff will be of course vitally interested in this material. In case of the other ones - that depends, but they can give this band a chance. Personally I have one advice for Emyn Muil: less ambient, more originality for the future. Try to make something more for your own, and maybe it will profit on the next release.

Rate: 7/10

If I'm not mistaken, the band will release the next album via Northern Silence Prods. You can also purchase this one in their shop.

Check out band's music:

1. Turin Son of Hurin
2.Aure Entuluva
3. Arise in Gondolin
4. Mim's Betrayal
5. Dark Riots From Angband
6. Gurthang
7. Path of the Doomed
8. The Sack of Nargothrond
9. Death of Glaurung
10. Hail to the Black Sword
Total time: 52:14

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