Demonic Slaughter - 'Downfall' (2013)

Demonic Slaughter


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Demonic Slaughter is a polish black metal horde from Lublin, Poland. The band was founded in 2006, it has 4 full-lenghs albums on account together with few shorter materials. 'Downfall' is their last release.
The last LP 'Revelations of Death' had some death metal relish (swedish, to be more precise), this time the guys decided to create pure black metal hell. Well, I must say that even it's not very revealing, the music it's very nice (let say, haha). Harsh vocals, fast, depressive yet often catchy riffs (especially great 'Cold and Haunted') and a drummer devastating his implement creates kinda dark atmosphere. Black metal maniacs should feel good with this kind of tunes. The production is very stifling, so that you have to focus on what's you're currently listenning to. For some folks it might be a flaw, but I think that in this case it's a big advantage - forget about listenning to this stuff in a bus or during washing the dishes and absorb the cult (haha)! Too feel the real obscurity of 'Downfall' you have to spare some time to this music.
There are not many slow parts this time. I noticed though that in some moments ('Dark Matter Constelation', or especially 'Martwa Cisza') the music is more similar to the kindred band of one of musicians - Xaosis. So the music slows down a bit, and goes into more rock/melanacholic areas. It is a nice sign of variety, and more of such elements on the future releases will be welcome by me with open arms. Also this release is full of some background noises and wild screams. Nothing new indeed, but defenitely adds some more evil element to this grim atmosphere.
The material at first seems to be very monotonous and boring, but after some replays it defenitely shows a listenner it's 'better' side. This seeming monotony together with stifling production creates very nasty climate and indeed good music. Everyone who loves cold and haunted (hehe) sound should defenitely give a try to 'Downfall'.

Rate: 8/10

1. Ordeal
2. Labyrinth of Lost
3. Dark Matter Constelation
4. Lightbringer - The Architect
5. Martwa Cisza
6. Darkness
7. Planet of Doom 
8. Cold and Haunted
Total time: 37:50

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