Oldschool Folk Metal

Today I would like to present some oldschool folk metal bands, which should be very influencial for the genre and which are (more or less...) forgotten. It should be interesting especially for the younger fans - however old maniacs can reminisce :)

Sabbat (UK)

Actually it is not a typicl folk metal. But first of all - this is the band that was an fundament for creating Skyclad. And secondly - it has some folk relish.
Founded in 1985
The band doesn't exist anymore
Metal Archives


Is considering as a first folk metal band ever exist. It's defenitely something that every fan of this genre should at least briefly know.
Founded in 1990
The band is still active.


The band is from Sweden, and their music bases on traditional swedish folk songs. Lately Vintersorg (from Borknagar) stated that his going to release new Otyg's album - I hope for something good!
Founded in 1995
Reactivated in 2012.


This was a side-project of Fenriz from Darkthrone. The music had more black metal relish, yet it was inspired by traditional scandinavian tunes. Especially interesting is an album "Hostmorke"
Founded around 1989
Inactive today.

Storm (Nor)

Another project of Fenriz, founded together with a singer Kari Rueslatten and Satyr from Satyricon. They released only one album "Nordavind" - yet very interesting in it's musical form!
Founded in 1993
Inactive today.

Written by Vladyka in the year 2013

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