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Percival is a side-project of folk metallers from Percival Schuttenbach. This polish band released in 2012 an album entitled "Slava!", which will be a part  of slavic trilogy. This album is focused only on the traditional songs of South Slavs (click to learn more).
Hmm, and what can I say? The previous album album was good. Maybe it wasn't a revelation, but it was a good piece of music inspired by the early Middle-Ages' tunes. But sorry to say, "Slava!" is worse. Moreover - in some moments it's indistinct. Let's take, for example, the second song "Delberino". The song is not very dynamic, instruments are not outstanding in this track and the vocalists sing like if they do not wanted to do it. Tragedy. There are though here some tracks that are interesting like e.g. "Gusta" or "Karanfile" with a bit mysterious atmoshphere. But most of the tracks are mediocre. Yes - not bad, but also not good. Just mediocre. I know some of these tracks in other arrangement by artists from Balcans - and they have much more power and energy than Percival's versions. I don't know why - maybe because of the southern temperament, maybe because people from Balcans know better their own culture. But anyway they are better in performing this kind of music.
The other case are instruments. In my opinion - if you want to play a music from certain region, you should use instruments from this region. However Percival is just using their own instruments, inspired by Middle-Ages stuff. Sorry to say, but I don't like it. It was OK on the previous album, but here it doesn't fit the music at all.
Generally speaking if you are doing something, and you want to listen to some uncomplicated music this album will be a nice soundscape. But if you want to listen to some real, energetic folk music let better seek for something else. There are much better balcan folk albums than this. What a shame that this one sounds so poor, but I hope that the next Percival's album will be better. There are no many talented folk musicians here in Poland, and these guys are one of them. I wish they won't waste their talent.

Rate: 5+/10

Music video for "Gusta":

  1. Gusta (Serbia)
  2. Delberino (Bulgaria)
  3. Karanfilče (Serbia)
  4. Vrsuta (Montenegro)
  5. Lazare (Bulgaria)
  6. Korita Ivanova (Montenegro)
  7. Ne orji, ne sejaj (Slovenia)
  8. Naranča (Croatia)
  9. Žali Zare (Serbia)
  10. Ljubav se ne trži (Croatia)
  11. Šta to radiš (Serbia)
  12. Karanfile (Bosnia)
  13. Dve nevesti (Macedonia)

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