Fever Ray - "Fever Ray" (2009)

Fever Ray

"Fever Ray"

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Okay, once again I will write here something about music from the outside of metal world. But this time I must also admit that I am not a specialist in this genre, hehe. I am talking about Fever Ray - the solo side-project of Karin from The Knife. And as long as I am not a fan of mentioned band (duo, or whatever) I became a big fan of this project.
And how looks the creativeness of Fever Ray? Well, it's an electronic music - but not very heavy, I would say that's quite easy in listenning and quite melancholic. Some songs are more sad (like the first "If I Had a Heart" or "Concrete Walls") while some are more optimistic (like e.g. "Seven"). But I'd say that every is more or less melancholic, and maybe even a bit decadent. The music is not very complicated, but it has such an unique atmosphere that it draws you in 'till the first song... Well, maybe it's not unique in 100%, because it's of course influenced by Karin's main band, but her solo stuff is much better and contains more emotions - that's count for me more than some weird, meaningless tunes. Fever Ray successfully writes songs that outwardly have no power, no outstanding melodies or anything like that - but they are easy to remember even after a first listenning. Maybe it's because of a great voice of Karin, maybe because of characteristic calm tunes of each song but still - the feeling of loneliness is so overwhelming that I am sure I will listen to this album very often.
So to write it straight - the music is very good. Maybe it's not revolutionery or something like that but it has it's own soul. Defenitely something that I can recommend with all my heart.

Rate: 9/10

And by the way - the single "If I Had a Heart" was a theme song for "Vikings" series. You can count that I will write my review of this show very soon.

Clip for "If I Had a Heart":

1. If I Had a Heart
2. When I Grow Up
3. Dry and Dusty
4. Seven
5. Triangle Walks
6. Concrete Walls
7. Now's The Only Time I Know
8. I'm Not Done
9. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
10. Coconut

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