Ereb Altor - "Fire Meets Ice" (2013)

Ereb Altor

"Fire Meets Ice"

Cyclone Empire


Ereb Altor is hailing from Sweden, they have lyrics about vikings and norse mythology and plays epic viking metal. Guess what is their main inspiration than, hehe.
Yes, as you might already know it is Bathory. Everyone who love such the epic albums as "Hammerheart", "Blood On Ice" or "Nordland" will defenitely know what to expect from "Fire Meets Ice". I must admit that I was a bit sceptical while I was turining on my music player containing this album for the first time. But as the music was flowing I realized that it is not just a lame immitation of Quarthon's genius. Sure, all those choirs, pathos and riffing (especially in the first tracks) can be associated with Bathory. Even the clean vocals have a bit something to do with it. By the way, they are so damn heroic and poignant that listenning to them is a pure pleasure. If a vocalist is performing his skills in some other bands, than I will defenitely check them out.
But returning to Ereb Altor - so from one side we have a Bathory fascination, but from the other side Ereb Altor has also it's own spirit. Much of it. First of all it sounds that Ereb Altor in the past was more inlfuenced by doom metal. Thera are quite many slow, heavy riffs that can be associated only with this style of playing. It is also obvious that the creativeness of swedes is inspired by black metal - it can be heard in harsh vocals, as well as in some riffs and blast beats like in a track "Helheimsfard" or purely black metal "Post Ragnarok". There are also more nostalgic moments, with a big usage of acoustic guitars like in "Sacrifice", "Our Legacy" and especially "The Deceiver Shall Repent". They very much reminds me the traditional epic songs from Scandinavia and British Islands. And what can I say - they flow very fast, giving a listener a great portion of viking metal. The music is complemented by a good production and the amazing cover artwork and layout. A pure feast for the eyes.
Put it all together - "Fire Meets Ice" is a highly listenable piece of music. This mixture of many mentioned influences gives us a high octane music, which should be like a fuel for all those who love epicness in metal.

Rate: 8/10

A lyric-video for "Nifelheim":

1. Fire Meets Ice
2. The Chosen Ones
3. Nifelheim 
4. My Ravens
5. Sacrifice
6. Helheimsfard
7. The Deceiver Shall Repent
8. Post Ragnarok
9. Our Legacy

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