Maras - "Mienje Na Svetcite" (2012)


"Mienje Na Svetcite"



OK, this review will be short, because "Mienje Na Svetcite" is just a single with only one track. It was recorded by macedonian band Maras - you must admit that it sounds kinda exotic, huh?
The music bases here on slow, guts crushing doom riffs with black metal feeling and very condensed, stifling production. One of the better elements here is surely a vocalist - the guy is spitting out deep, stertorous growls like some possessed demon (yeah, I know, veeeery original comparison). The music sounds quite powerful, and later it turns into a bit cacophonous-tribal areas. That's because of traditional balcan instrument - zurla - which creates very strange, disturbing atmosphere. If you can't imagine it you should know that it sounds similar to what you could hear on Rotting Christ's last albums (I mean this kind of trombone). The whole composition creates quite an interesting atmosphere. It works very well in a small dose of single, yet I am a bit affraid that in the long run of LP it could be tiring.
And that's it. You can check for yourself if this track is worth your attention or not. Personally I liked "Mienje..." well enough to wait for the upcoming full-lenght album (coming soon at the beginning of 2014).

Rate: 7/10

Click here to download the official single for free from Bandcamp.
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