Daemonia Nymphe - "Psychostasia" (2013)

Daemonia Nymphe




Deamonia Nymphe is from Greece (although now they reside in London) and was founded in 1994 in Athens. The band is playing music inspired by ancient tunes and old greek poems praising Zeus and other olympic gods. "Psychostasia" is their 5th full-length album.
As you might guess looking on the title the music of those Greek is not a jolly melody but more soulful kind of playing. We can find here some more happier moments (with best example - "Deo's Erotas") but it always keeps some kind of dignity. Most of the time Daemonia Nymphe's creativeness is in many parts full of theatrical relish like e.g. very sensual track that I am listenning in this moment - "Selene's Awakening  Horos". Or the next song "Politeia of the Unnamed" with beautiful vocals performed by Evi Stergiou. Her voice is here the most important - it is creating an amazing, oneiric atmosphere. Sometime it can be even a bit disturbing ("Nature's Metamorphoses") and sounds like a soundtrack to some old mysteries. In those moments I am stunned and can't think completely about anything. I just listen to the music like hypnotised. I am not some kind of scatterbrained pussy but this music really stimulates reflections... The only problem with "Psychostasia" is that it's way too short - only 40 minutes. Come on guys, you spent five years to record this album! But from the other side I can simply press a replay button (which I do very often) so this can be forgiven. 
"Psychostasia" proves also once again that sometimes simple yet well played music can be much more interesting than some indistinct, complicated and avantgarde crap. The instrumental section based on greek folk instruments sounds really good. It perfectly cooperates with the voice of the female singer (and from time to time also male). And by the way - it's interesting to hear instruments that you have seen on vase paintings in school during history lessons :)
Daemonia Nymphe recorded again a perfect album, taking you back in time to the mysterious, ancient times... If you liked their previous works or you are simply a fan of  neofolk you should immediately get this album. It's a good alternative for all those celtic and nordic folk albums that are so popular these days.

Rate: 10/10

1. Zephyros's Enlightening Anemos
2. Nemesis Rhamnousia 
3. Thracian Gaia
4. Selene's Awakening Horos
5. Politeia of the Unnamed
6. Deo's Erotas
7. Nature's Metamorphosis
8. Enchanting Oneiro
9. Psychostasia
10. Hypnos

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