Graveland - "Thunderbolts of the Gods" (2013)


"Thunderbolts of the Gods"

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Graveland is a well-known amongst fans of pagan metal polish project founded by Rob Darken in 1991 in Wrocław. "Thunderbolts..." is a 13th album of this veteran. 
One thing is certain - Rob decided to use all of his experience to create another good opus. For some time Rob was creating much slower albums, full of epic war hymns. Yet lately he is dropping it and returns to more extreme areas. The album is full of tempo-changes - from slow parts with usage of acoustic guitars and choir samples to fast, furious atacks. That positively influences a diversity of the music, so it is a good idea. Yet everybody who is following the band will discover here nothing new. Graveland is simply following the path that it has chosen many years ago - and so it brings us another portion of characteristic epic pagan metal sound. The music is not very complicated and a bit raw - the riffs thanks to the production are a bit noisy, yet tunes are highly memorable. There are more epic tracks ("Wolf of the North") and more agaressive moments (opening "Possessed by Steel"). And as I see it - it is better, more dynamic than last recordings. It simply kicks ass. I was affraid that "Thunderbolts..." will be just "another" position in Darken's discography, well producted but a bit emotionless. Yet this time I listen to something authentic, full of rage and passion!
Oh, and about a production. It's the same as last Graveland's releases, but that's a good thing because I simply love it. Organic, yet genuinely highlighting the epicness of the music (especially great parts of choirs). No critical notes here.
There is nothing more to write - and the thing is simple: if you like last releases of this band, you will certainly admire "Thunderbolts...". It is not original at all, yet it is a good portion of epic tunes in the characteristic style of almighty Graveland.

Rate: 8/10

Here you can watch a trailer of the upcoming videoclip:

1. Possessed by Steel
2. Thunderbolts of the Gods
3. Chamber of Wicked Tears
4. Wolf of the North
5. Red Polaris
6. When Hammer Shines (outro)

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