Kroda - "Varulven" 2013



Purity Through Fire


This album is a compilation of previously unreleased material. It contains only four songs, and lasts for circa twenty minutes. Here you can read more about it and actually listen to it for free - as it's available on Kroda's bandcamp. I may only add that the physical version (limited digipack) will be released by PTF in the beginning of November. For those who are not familiar with this band I will write few word why it's worth to have it in your collection.
And it's woth because it shows a bit different face of Kroda. The first track is played (as it's written on bandcamp) in a viking rock style, and bases on traditional nordic song. The main vocals are a female one, while the howling of Eisenslav is a bit on the second plan. In my opinion it sounds very good, and it would be interesting if a band adopted such elements on a new release. 
The rest of the material is more typical for this project. "Nemesis" is a german folk song, played on traditional ukrainian instruments (sopilka etc). If you heard "Oj na Gori..." from "Funf Jahre Kulturkampf" you can be sure that it sounds really (let's not be affraid of that word) nice. This track is also a good break between "Werwolf" and "Der Scharlachrote Tod". Both of those tracks are covers - the first one is Temnozor's, while the second one is Absurd's. It's not a big secret that Kroda knows how to play in interesting and ass-kicking way music of someone else. "Werewolf" is a bit different than the original, and moreover it's so full of energy that it looks a bit strange how only one person can make such a gehenna! The last track is like his predecessor a guts-grinding piece of brutal art, except it's a live version. And well, it just proves that Kroda is a beast on the scene!
I listen to "Varulven" whenever I can, and I am already preparing some money to buy the upcoming digipack. To everyone who is a fan of this ukrainian band or is simply interested in pagan/folk metal scene I recommend to do the same. A short, yet very good release.

Rate: 8+/10

1. Varulven
2. Werwolf
3. Nemesis
4. Der Scharlachrote Tod (Absurd cover)

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