Carpe Noctem - "In Terra Profugus" (2013)

Carpe Noctem

"In Terra Profugus"

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Carpe Noctem is a band from Iceland. And also from three other places, 'cuz that's a name of three other bands, which are now dead and gone. So their name is not really original, but luckily their music is way more.
The album starts with some disturbing noises and slow, heavy riffs reminding me an ancient death/doom from the sign of Celtic Frost. But after some time it changes to extremely fast and heavy cannonade of more modern black metal (with influences of Gorgoroth and some other bands from the second wave). And I must say that the band knows how to create a a total sonic annihilation! The music is almost litteraly destroying auditory system with fast parts, and a vocalist screams like some old, possessed demon! His growls are deep as a well and very powerful.
Yet quite often the band is turning to slower parts. And that's those most original moments. For me icelandic music had always a bit of psychedelic sound (and I am talking here not only abot metal scene). And that's also the case of Carpe Noctem - the slow parts are a bit fuzzy, and quite often accompanied by weird noises like e.g. forged piano sounds in slower parts of "Ars Moriendi" or orchestral samples here and there. But I must admit that even if the music slows down, it doesn't loose it's heaviness or power. So don't expect some post-rock like riffs. "In Terra Profugus" sounds strange and sinister for almost all the time - both in quick, destructive parts and slow, psychedelic ones.
It's hard to indicate which track is my favourite or which is the worst - the album is incredible for almost all the time. That music is really addictive - I listen to it for some time now and I don't think that I will forget about this album in the nearest future. And what's more surprising "In Terra..." is just a debut album (beside two demos and an EP)! Yet Carpe Noctem has already procreated a monster - a horrific and grim soundtrack through the mind of a madman. I recommend this release to every fan of extremity. And expect another portion of insanity in the future!

Rate: 9+/10

III Odium Somniferum
II Ars Moriendi
II Metamorphoses Maleficarum
III Hostis Humani Generis

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