Fen - "Dustwalker" (2013)



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Here on the Heathen Altar I try to write mostly about the music I personally like. I don't want to be like those internet-warriors who are spreading bullshit about some bands just because they are bored with computer games or masturbation. So, when I am lookong for some new bands to check I always try to get some information about them, just to not waste my time on something that is poor or at the best mediocre. I assume that you guessed why I started this review like that... But I wasted so much of my time (almost a month) in order to find something special on this album that I have to write what's following. 
First of all, you're propably wondering what's Fen playing. Well, the band reside in England, and "Dustwalker" is their 3rd full-lenght. They are playing black metal mixed with post-rock, and they are trying to create some atmosphere. Yes, "trying". I don't know band's previous albums, but the main problem of their latest release is boredom. I can't say that they don't have skills or something - no, they have. But for me their music doesn't have balls. Fen's moving on the calm, minimalist areas, and for most of the time they sound like a post-rock band, not black metal. That's nothing bad, but as you might know many of those post-whatever bands play too sweet and too calm. And that's the main problem with Fen: after a second track I am fighting with myself to not fall asleep. I understand that music can be hypnotic, relaxing, mysterious etc. but I can't accept things like that. From time to time we can hear some interesting riff (like beginning of "Wolf Sun"), but they are drowning in the sea of mediocrity. There are moments when band tries something more progressive to get listener's attention, but I am indifferent to it like a sixty years old guy is indifferent to sex. And I could write much more how's this album mediocre for me, but Fen has sufficiently wasted my time.
If you're a fan of atmospheric post-rock, you can check this album for your own responsibility. But if you're not, let better stay away from "Dustwalker".

Rate: 5/10 (for trying...)

1. Consequence
2. Hands of Dust
3. Spectre
4. Reflections
5. Wolf Sun
6. The Black Sound
7. Walking the Crowpath


  1. This is not a review this does not help anyone it is just an album bashing. BTW the album is incredible don't let this sloppy "review" sway you from what is a great bass-driven shoegaze/black metal album

  2. Terrible terrible "review"