Forefather - Last of the Line (2011)


Last of the Line

Seven Kingdoms


Forefather is a viking... I mean anglo-saxon metal band, founded in Leatherhead (England) by two brothers - Athelstan and Wulfstan. In brief the play black metal mixed with heavy metal with an epic attitude and lyrics about anglo-saxon period of english history. 
The music is not very complicated, but it has it's own spirit. What surprised me is an almost merry beginning of the album, played in the vain of traditional heavy metal. Later the music is darker, but I must admit that pure heavy metal now dominates in Forefather's music. There are loads of great melodies here, but played in a way that it doesn't sounds like some crappy Gamma Gay or other shit like that. The riffs are being played with very folkish attitude, yet don't expect any folk-metals or a music from the sign of Tyr. Athelstan and Wulfstan are heavily soaked in old school heavy metal and of course Bathory. The only reminiscences of old black metal style are harsh vocals (but even them are less common than clear, sublime ones) and some guitar pitches, and very quick tempos at the end that can be associated with BM.  
The album, even if as I said is not very complicated , is constructed cleverly. There are more epic, slow tracks like for example "Up High" with dignified vocals of Wulfstan. The song remind me a bit some hymn or thing like that - but anyway it's a very enjoyable piece of art. There are also wilder, faster and darker tracks like the next one on the list - "Wolves of Prayer" or "Shadows of Dead" with an intensive tempo (blast-beats). I have also a feeling that the music is getting heavier since "Wolves...", but still don't expect some complete sonic massacre. 
I am writing and writing, but you still don't know is "Last of the Line" good or is it not. Well, it's good. It's almost completely unoriginal, but from the other side it's composed with taste. The music is not getting boring even after many replays, and you can remember some melodies already after a first time with this album. A fine piece of anglo-saxon music :)

Rate: 7+/10

1. Cometh the King
2. Last of the Line
3. Chorus of Steel
4. By Thy Deeds
5. Up High
6. Wolves of Prayer
7. Wyrda Gesceaft
8. Doomsday Dawns
9. Shadows of the Dead
10. Spears of Faith
11. The Downfallen
12. Into the rising sun

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