Summoning - "Old Mornings Dawn" (2013)


"Old Mornings Dawn"

Napalm Recs.


Seven years - that's a quite big piece of time. When I heard that almighy Summoning is going to release once again another album, I was curious if they are still able to write some magnificent music. And well, I have good news: they are still in good condition - even if not so good as, let's say, ten years ago. 
The album starts with an quasi-intro "Evernight", with female (elven, hehe) whispers and happy, sweet tunes. As you may guess - I was stunned, because I was affraid of another "Oath Bound". The next track "Flammifer" is happily much better. For my luck all the sweetness is later given in minimum dose. Of course it's hidden here and there, but generally speaking it's not annoying. Yet it doesn't change a fact that since the first listenning I always skip the intro.
What I really like about new Austrian's album is a production of their new opus. I mean especially synths - they are again recorded in all, good style of medieval/ambient, but produced with modern sound. Thanks to that Summoning haven't loose their charming originality. Again we can also here charachteristic synthetic drums programmed by Protector, a bit soughing guitars and desperate roars. The music can be really majestic and epic, like in the title track, full of choirs and orchestrations. It can be also much more darker and melancholic (see e.g. the next track "The White Tower"), referring to band's earlier works. The proportion of epic and dark elements is of course different in every track, but fans of Summoning surely will know what to expect. 
I really enjoy this album - it passes really fast, taking you once again to vast, dark landscapes of Middle-Earth. But (yes, there is unfotunetely one "but") there is one problem - I am not impressed by "Old Mornings Dawn" like I was by such "Stronghold" or other "Dol Guldur". Let's face it - except the better, modern production and some relishes there is only little of originality. That's the reason I am sure that the reviews of this album will be so diverse. But as for me - I am very pleased with this longplay. I only hope that the next record will be released faster than by another seven years!

Rate: 8+/10

1. Evernight
2. Flammifer
3. Old Moring Dawns
4. The White Tower
5. Caradhras
6. Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves
7. The Wandering Fire
8. Earthsine

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