Nhor - "Within the Darkness Between the Starlight" (2013)


"Within the Darkness Between the Starlight"

Prophecy Prods.


This is the 3rd album of the english one-man project Nhor. I've never heard about it before, but that's why Metal Archives exists, huh? So, before the listening I've learnt that the band is playing black/doom metal, with additional adjectives such as "atmospheric" and "ambient". And what it means in reality? 
If you will listen to this album for the first time, you will initially get the impression that the base here is quite raw, fast black metal, mixed with many doom metal parts. That's because of the first two tracks (even if in the second track there are some female laments mixed with screeching guitar sounds). The vocals are howling like some lost forgotten sad spirit (hehe), the riffs are being played fast (but not unduly) and drums are raging in the background. Yet thanks to a specific production it doesn't sound excessively powerfull, so don't expect blasphemously strong power similar to Marduk.
Since the third track starts, "Patient Hunter, Patient Night" the music strongly slows down. Nhor starts to create more tranquil atmosphere, full of once again screeching guitar riffs and piano-like synths played on keyboard. From time to time he is breaking up again with fast blast beats and tremolo pics, only to return later again to quiter forms of expression. He often uses clean guitars, but in that kind of playing it's really nothing new; yet he's doing it with fineness, so it doesn't sounds like some cheap weeping for depressed teenagers. 
Most of the tracks are really long (something about 10 minutes) and they deliberately flow, creating a nostalgic, sometimes a bit melancholic atmosphere. It sounds interesting when leisurely, blurred riffs mingle with mentioned piano-like synths and croon of a singer (in for example the track called "Rohmet Etarnu"). And to be honest I discern the main potency of this album in such tranquiled parts. The music is not very complicated (yet with relishes here and there), though it sounds very mysterious. It simply draws a listener into its own dark world, and doesn't want to release him for almost an hour.
To sum it up: the fans of minimalist, gloomy music should be interested in getting this album.So if you like that kind of playing - this is something for you.

Rate: 7/10

1. A Forest Draped in Moonlight
2. Within the Darkness Between the Starlight
3. Patient Hunter, Patient Night
4. The Fall of Orion
5. An Awakening Earth
6. Rohmet Etarnu
7. The Temple of Growth & Glimmer Ascends
8. Alnilam

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