Vinterblot - 'Nether Collapse' (2012)


'Nether Collapse'

Rising Recs.


 From what I know Normans conquered the south of Italy, yet they were already christians. They hadn't much in common with Odin, Thor and other pagan gods. Nonetheless Vinterblot is hailing from Italy, and at the same time the guys decided to play viking death metal. Well, Italy bounds in my mind with many things - sun, beaches, ancient ruins and Bulldozer hehe. But defenitely not with viking warriors.
Also if you've read the genre and expects something in the vain of Unleashed - you will be surprised again. Or disappointed, although the music of Vinterblot is somehow infected by Sweden. By Amon Amarth, to be more precise. Honestly I like some rawer albums made by Johan Hegg and co. (and I will be forever cursed for that by true metallers, haha!). I also can understand that they can be a shining inspiration for young people. Yet I hate copycats - bands who are gazing at their idols and can't create anything by their own. Unfortunetely Italians are one of this kind. Most of their stuff consists of stolen ideas, only a bit changed. So we have hear powerfull sound, melodic, yet heavy riffs and a vocalist screaming with deep growl in vain of mentioned Hegg. And everything would be fine, but I don't feel here any authentic emotions.  There is only soulles, sad as dog's ass music with production pure and clean like virgin's thoughts. Boredom, in one word.
There are though moments when band sounds more interesting - mostly those are acoustic songs like 'Sol Invictus'. And here we are - as we can see (or hear) you can compose something for your own guys! Of course it's still not very original, but at least it's listenable.
I wasn't very surprised when I heard that Rising Records ended it's life, due to the fact that it was constantly releasing such failures as 'Nether Collapse'. Some well-done acoustic motifs are not worth of buying predictable music which was played earlier by older, better band. Every horde must start with something though - I hope that Vinterblot will come to their senses and next time records something better.

Rate: 3/10


1. Prelude
2.Upon a Reign of Ashes
3. Council of Trees Beholder
4. Remembrance
5. Howling Shadow
6. Sol Invictus (Ritual Act)
7. Whispers to the Headless
8. The Forlorn War
9. ...to Nethereal
10. As Sleipnir Rides
Total time: 41:01

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