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From polish death/black/folk band THY WORSHIPER:

'We are proud to announced that THY WORSHIPER’s third studio album “Czarna Dzika Czerwien” (eng. Black Savage Red), is set to be released on February 18th via Pagan Records.
"Czarna Dzika Czerwien" will be available on February 18th in Digipack CD as well as standard jewel case CD (both with with astounding design by Anna Malarz) and digital formats. Other versions including tape and vinyl will follow later..

Check out band's music here.


From danish SVARTSOT:

'The recording phase of the album is now virtually complete. All guitars, basses, drums, nasty vocals, brutal vocals, fucking demented vocals, other vocals, bagpipes, whistles and mandolins. All that remains is to capture the raw sound of a thousand swans being headbutted into unconsciousness. We have to leave those til last as it makes a right mess of Lasse's recording booth. It has to be authentic. The digital patches you can download of a thousand swans being headbutted into unconsciousness are fucking rubbish, to be honest.'


Polish pagan metalers SALTUS announced two things. The first one - they decided to play live gigs again. And two - they are looking for a good studio to record their new album. It will be called 'Pamięć i Przeznaczenie - Opowieść o Samonie', and it will consists of 10 new tracks. Band still don't know who will release it.

Check out their new music here. 


Finnish death/doom metalers from  KUOLEMANLAASKO (try to say it fast!) are going to release their second album 'Tulijoutsen' on 28.2.2014 via Svart records. It will contain eight new songs. 

Pre-order the album here.
Listen to their older stuff (couldn't find any promo) here. 



'Short update from the band on the new album: "It's not like we're sitting on our asses and do nothing these days... Oh, no! There was a lot of turbulence and chaos regarding the cover artwork and layout for the new album, but now, finally, everything starts to get its final shape and we're currently close to an end with all the process. Puzzle start to fall into place! We are cooperating with an amazing Artist known as Teitan Arts and the artwork will be just... monumental! All those interested will have opportunity to check out the front cover of the upcoming album at special exhibition of Teitan Arts' works at this concert: https://www.facebook.com/events/607471332606637/ More news to come shortly'

Check out also band's music here. 

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