Massemord - 'A Life-Giving Power of Devastation'


'A Life-Giving Power of Devastation'

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 Massemord should be known to everybody who is interested in a polish black metal scene. The band is active since 2000 year, and recorded several materials. 'A Life-Giving...' is their fourth full-lenght album. To be honest I still don't know what I should think about their last record, and suddenly here we are another one. That's the most certain reason why I review it so late hehe.
But let's focus on music. Happily for me the album is not similar to the previous one. So we have here nine tracks lasting around five-six minutes. My first association was the second LP of Massemord - 'The Whore of Hate'. Songs are mostly ultra-furious, yet musicians always find time to go into more horrific areas. Sometimes the music can be reallu unhuman (or antihuman) - like in excellent 'We All Shall Die Miserable Death'. Extremely fast tempos are weaving with slower ones, Namtar is spitting out lyrics about fall of mankind and generally listener is put to the world of madness. Such disturbing, depressive atmosphere can inlfuence you very much.
Everything sounds as always very good - this crew is known for recording of at least good music. Yet I have a problem with this album. It lacks something, and I don't know what. This music sounds too similar to the other albums - many of similar guitar licks I heard in a bit other form on previous materials. There are of course some novelties - for example some riffs reminds me... Thrash metal. I would never suppose that this band is going to play something like that - yet it is true (listen to for example 'The Deity of Ferocity' or 'Trophy of Wasted Breath'). Luckily these are only some relishes, so Massemord still owns it's original style.
Don't get me wrong - the album is really good. Hate that is atacking listener through the music and lyrics makes me sure that 'A Life-Giving...' is recorded with authentic passion. If you, dear listener, don't know Massemord you will propably say that this album is fantastic. But if you already heard their other stuff, you will be not surprised. I am pleased though.

Rate: 8/10

As always there are some drum-beats in the vain of 'up-tss', 'up-tss' if you know what I mean (propably not hahaha). I am curious what Fenriz (who is critising it in every interview) would say about that ;)

Listen to band's music:

1. A Devastation Giving Power of Life
2. The Deity of Ferocity
3. Towards Divine Anticlimax
4. Trophy of Wasted Breath
5. Piercing Ailing Heart of Humanity
6. We All Shall Die Miserable Death
7. A Horror To come
8. The Stoning Malignant
9. Water of Life
Total time: 48:58

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