Eternal Helcaraxe - 'Against All Odds' (2012)

Eternal Helcaraxe

'Against All Odds'

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Eternal Helcaraxe is an irish black metal horde with some pagan metal attitude. 'Against All Odds' is their debut full-lenght album (even if the guys are playing since 2003).
This introduction is not very original, but from the other side - the music that I have to describe is not very original too. But I appreciate bands like this much - if they know what they want to achieve. Eternal Helcaraxe uses old, tested patents. So we have here fast black metal riffs with some epic attitude, ultra-fast drum beats and furious, harsh vocals. Very often the music is also assisted by keyboard in the background, which creates more epic sound. But don't worry, this is not a poor version of Dimmu Borgir but a juicy metal sound in 100%.
So as you can see - we have here all of the good stuff from the 90's. And what can I say? At the beginning the album makes quite a good impression, and I was pleased with what I was listenning to. Epic music, glorious texts about proud of irish heritage and such things - it all makes a good impression. I've heard similar things quite many times, yet I still enjoy it.
From time to time the band slows down, and rarely it is weaving some non metal tunes into it's music (like acoustics). Unfortunetely regardless of that each track sounds very similar to the other ones, so at some point a listener is starting to loose contact with the music. For me it would be OK, but such kind of playing should be taken in smaller doses - half of hour is a perfect time for this. After that everything starts to sound the same. At the beginning of this review I had stated that I apreciate not very original bands if they know what they want. Eternal Helcaraxe is one of them - they understand how to create a hellish, yet a bit epic sound BUT my rating would be one point higher if their opus was a bit shorter.
I advice the band one of two ways - to complicate your music a little bit more, or simply record shorter material. Yet still the content of 'Against All Odds' is really not bad - fans of myths, metal and paganism can give it a try.

Rate: 6/10

A Youtube 'clip' for the track 'Invictus':

1. Claim Your Place With Gods
2. One Stands Still Here
3. Invictus
4. We Assist Death
5. Shadow of the Wolf
6. As the Snow Gathers
7. Echeos Through Our Blood
8. Against All Odds (All the Battles to Come - part II)
Total time: 50:24

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