Wardruna - "Runaljod - Yggdrasil" (2013)


"Runaljod - Yggdrasil"

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It's the second album of the folk/ambient project (or now a band) Wardruna. Who is playing here propably everybody interested know, so I will skip the introduction.
"Yggdrasil" brings us another portion of the old futhark runes' interpretation, dressed in mystical music.Musicians use only couple of traditional norwegian instruments (like a drum, flute, fiddle, horn). Most of tracks are very spacious like e.g. the track that I am listenning now - "NaudiR". It bases on the work of rhythmic, monotonous drumbeats, some changing instruments and singing choirs, which sometimes are transformed into a croon or howling. Of course a label "ambient" is not just an empty word - there are many silent whispers and other "disturbing" sounds hidden in the background. Effect? When you close your eyes the music simply takes you into the other, more spiritual world. 
Every track is of course different - there are more "shamanistic" songs (like "IngwaR"), or more folkish ("Rotlaust tre fell"). Here and there you can hear ("of course" once again) that authors of this artwork were influenced by others. Example? Here you are - some parts of two last songs sounds a bit like a creativeness of Mari Boine. But to be honest all this comparisons and descriptions of every single song is just pointless. The energy and emotions that this music brings to a listener is just indescribable. I can write about every single song, it's nuances and such a whole thesis, but it still won't describe you how fantastic is this music. There is no other way, but to experience the power of this release by your own.
It's good for Kvitrafn that he started creating something way more original than just another Gorgoroth releases. New Wardruna's longplay is a pure masterpiece, an album to which I will be returning very often. I am more than sure about this - it has my highest recommendation!

Rate: 10/10

1. Rotlaust tre fell
2. Fehu
3. NaudiR
4. EhwaR
5. AnsuR
6. IwaR
7. IngwaR
8. Gibu
9. Solringen
10. Sowelu
11. Helvegen

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