Xaosis - "Mara II - Umarłe Domy" (2013)


"Mara II - Umarłe Domy"



This is a solo project of the polish musician, hidden under a stage-name of Xaos Oblivion. Some of you can know him from such acts like Demonic Slaughter or Abusiveness. This time he serves us 45 minutus of depressive rock with black metal influences.
Although this black metal can be heared rarely. Here and there appears typicaly black riff, and more or less that's everything. Maybe this black influences are bigger on the previous album, which I haven't listen to. But back to "Umarłe Domy", every track bases here on monotonous work of guitars and marching drums. Sometimes they are supported with electronic percussion (like e.g. in last track "Dytyramb Szatański"). This is a quite simple kind of playing, yet it can really draw you for another replay. There is also clearly heard some Xaos' influences, like new wave or a bit Katatonia-like riff (in "Zejście", as I remember). 
Over this instrumental stuff we can hear a harsh vocal. It's not a classical thing, as it sounds like a monolog of drunk desperated men. The atmosphere of negativity is enhanced even more thanks to polish lyrics, which really sounds like a babbling of suicidal drunkard. Of course rest of the world won't be impressed by them, but don't worry - even that the music will immediately change your good mood.
And few words about the production - it's a bit muck, guitars sough slightly and in general Xaos created a very good sound (though "good" is not propably the best word that can be used in this review). Of course if you are a fan of In Flames-like production you will be upset, but who gives a fuck about you. 
If you are thinking about commiting suicide, but you're affraid that you'll eventually panic and won't do it - this album will help you to make a proper decision. 

Rate: 8/10

1. Przejście
2. Moli ścierwo i prusaki
3. Zejście
4. Czarny dom bez okien
5. Zaropiałe bagno
6. Non divina aurora
7. Dytyramb Szatański

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