Irminsul - "Fäder" (2013)



Purity Through Fire


Many people say that a reviewer must be objective in his work. That no matter how much he doesn't like certain genres of music he have to rate band's music by looking at their skills, sensitivity etc. 
Well, I guess that you know why I had written such an introduction. The music of this swedish horde is defenitely not something that I like. Moreover - the tunes that they are presenting belongs to the category called "Damn, not this again...". Partly is is my fault, because I searched this album by myself. I saw a cover, I've listen to a beginning of the first track and said "well, maybe it'll be good." Well, in my opinion it is not. I know that you will call me an internet-warrior, poser etc. But I gave some time to find something interesting here, so I will write what's following. 
The first track is indeed not bad - especially guitar riffs are quite interesting, even if not revolutionery. Yet the first groop that came to my ears were those keyboard-violin tunes in the backgruound. In some places they sound like a more frugal version of Nightwish or some Sonata Arctica thing.
Well, unfortunetely the band seems to really like that kind of playing, because already in the second song they are turning into more power-metal style. When I hear sweet keyboards, female nice vocals and sad riffs mixed with harsh vocals I know that this is not something for me. I even understand the idea of oldschool power metal in vain of Manilla Road, but I can't stand Sonata Arctica-like things mixed with music inspired by older Ensiferum albums. For me it is a pure horror! But a real horror is a track number three, where a singer decides too to do some sweet melodies. And it goes like this for almost whole album - sometimes it's more power metal, sometimes it's more similar to Ensiferum. By the way I am very curious where other reviewers hear on "Fäder" some folk influences. Those sweet-like-hell acoustic guitars and maudlin violin and fluet motifs have nothing bounded with folk music. That's just my opinion, but if a band wasn't promoted as a thing for fans of Falkenbach, Skyforger or Manegarm I propably wouldn't listen to it.
 I must also confess that this is the first album that I couldn't dare to listen integrally - I had to make a break in the mid. This is a good conculsion what I think about this album - for me it is just a waste of time. I hate such a mix of sweetness and brutality. Brutal things should be brutal, and sweet thing should be called pop music. 
If you don't vomit with a rainbow when you hear a music of mentioned below bands, you can check this album. Otherwise stay away from it. BTW I wish Irminsul all the best in the future - but I hope that I won't meet your music in my life anymore. That would be best for us all.

Rate: not-very-high/10

A Youtube "videoclip":

1. Stupagraven
2. Nattramn
3. Galgaman
4. Hagridden
5. Letters from the Past
6. Bäckakarlens dans 
7. Clades Variana 
8. Ölbänk 
9.  Neverending Story (Limahl cover) 
Total time: 52:15

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