Vin de Mia Trix - "Once Hidden From Sight"

Vin de Mia Trix

"Once Hidden From Sight"

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Vin de Mia Trix is an ukrainian doom/death metal band from Kyyiv. "Once Hidden From Sight" is their debut album.
First of all I must flatter their inspirations. There a lot of establishes of such a great bands like early Anathema, Katatonia or Paradise Lost. The tempos are really slow, sometimes it goes even into more funeral doom areas. But the heaviness of music is quite interesting. This is not a revolutionery thing, but it flaws nice. So the two first tracks make quite a good impression that this will be a solid portion of smart death/doom. Unfortunetely later the band turns into more Opeth-like areas. The first problem is that I am not a big Opeth fan. The second is that it's really quite boring. There are two instrumental tracks, composed with usage of piano. I don't want to write that it's a complete crap, but from the other side after one minute I started to loose the contact with a music and gave whole my attention to such an interesting stuff like walls, windows and carpet... The next track, "The Sleep of Reason" returns to more death/doom atmosphere. But sadly the than we have a show called "how indifferent can be minimalistic music played by people who don't know how to create it". It really is pointless, so why the hell had you record it?
Than we have metioned instrumental track ("La persistencia..."), much better than a previous one (and not just because it's shorter) and also the two ending tracks show those more positive side of the band. The riffs are really catchy, yet of course properly heavy. Also clean vocals makes this time a good work, giving this music a bit mysterius sound ("Metamorphosis").
This album should have "Only for a die-hard doom metal fans" sticker on it. I wish well to Vin de Mia Trix, but I don't think that I will return to this material in the future. Yet they have certain skills, so maybe if they'll drop this boring pseudo-atmospheric way of playing and focus on more death/doom style I will appreciate more their future releases.

Rate: 5/10

You can download the album here for free from bandcamp.

1. A study in Scarlet
2. Nowhere is Here
3. Là où le rêve et le jour s’effleurèrent 
4. The Sleep of Reason
5. Silent World
6. La persistència de la memòria 
7. Metamorphosis
8.  मातृ (mātṛ)

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