Stilla - "Till Stilla Falla" 2013

"Till Stilla Falla"
Nordvis Produktion

I have never had a bigger interest in a swedish scene. Of course I know this more “popular” bands (if I can say such thing about Marduk or Abruptum…), but underground is more or less enigma for me. Why I am writing such an idiotic stuff? ‘cause Stilla comes from Sweden (what a surprise!), and was founded by musicians of more or less known underground bands. The problem is, I know quite good only one of them (Armagedda).So please, forgive me if I will be not comparing their other bands with Stilla.
And what Stilla is playing? Well, let say it’s black metal, but in his softer version (with lyrics about a nature, of course in Swedish). My first association was polish Furia. But polish musician makes wild music, with dirty sound. Music of Stilla is different – the production of this LP is, as I’ve written – “soft”. So even there is quite many quick tempos with blast-beat usage, it still sounds not so aggressive.
A vocalist screams in a manner of his past time in Armagedda – so it is very raw (to compare – a bit like vocals on “Panzerfaust” by Darkthrone). For me it’s a big advantage – he sounds like a possessed narrator of some weird story. Another great part of this album are clean vocals performed by guitarist Par Stille. They create very melancholic, “cold” atmosphere (like in Hinsides Dagen or Aldrig doden minnas).
Also a bassist makes a great work. His instrument is prominence, so it is an opposite of typical black metal album hehe. Some parts makes a very good impression, like his quick playing mixed with whispering vocals in aforementioned Hinsides…
Worse is playing of guitarists. Supposedly he makes a good job – his riffs sound very Scandinavian, and suits to music. They sound like I have heard it. And here is my main problem; even if I am after many replays, I am not in 100% sure what I think about this album. When I listen to it, than I feel “yes, it’s a quite good thing”, but when it ends I can walk away and do other things, without often thinking about another replay. I think that there is not enough those “memorable” moments, like beautiful choirs in 4th track. Young fan of black metal, when hear it, will propably say “wow, that’s fantastic”!. But I heard riffs like on Till Stilla Falla too many times to be impressed.
To sum it up: Stilla recorded quite good album, which I will listen to from time to time. But I hope they will record something more unexpected in the future, and this task belongs mainly to guitarist. 

Rate: 7/10
Vladyka 2013

1. Tidlosa vindar
2. Aldrig dodens minnas
3. Askormen
4. Hinsides dagen
5. Alt ar Aater
6. Till stilla falla

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