Slavland - "Lechita" (2009)





Slavland is a polish pagan/folk metal one-man band, founded by Belzagor in the year 2001. Lechita is the 7th album of this poject.
The album starts with sounds of battle, mixed with a folk tune. Although it's not very original, it made in me good feeling that this will be nice piece of music. And my thought was right. Slavland was always playing "typical", "forrest" pagan metal. That's right, but Belzagor's riffing was from the other side much more unique than hordes of other bands worshipping ancient gods somewhere in the bushes. And so is on Lechita - from the first riffs you hear that this is Slavland. That's a great advantage in my eyes - a proof that you can be creative even in such exploited genre like pagan black metal.
Fast, melodic riifs interact with loads of folk tunes. But it is not another hey, I will put a flute here - it will surely sound great! No, it is clearly heard that composer put a lot of effort to mix a metal section with folkish stuff. Everything sounds very natural, and creates great atmosphere. Folk is on this album everywhere. Sometimes it can be really memorable - like whole track Władca Podziemi (propably best song by the way) with slow tempo at the beginning and big usage of acoustic guitars. Unlike other albums, on Lechita there is only one purely folk track - the last one Kupalny Wieczór. In return, it is quite long - and sounds just great.
It was a good idea to hire a session drummer. The material sounds more natural than previous albums. From the other side, Belzagor still tries to prove that he can sing. He can't. Luckly, there is no much of his solo-singing this time. He mostly just screams in black metal vain. I can't say that he's another Dead, but it is surely much better from what he has done on e.g. Pieśń Gromu, his second album (Donald Duck is always alive!).
Yes, and about a sound - it is heard that this is an underground release. I mean, it is not a  total-kvlt-necro devastation of ears - but you can't expect Eluveitie-like production. For some it will be advantage, for others won't. In my opinion it fits music quite well, so there is no reason to complain.
A few words about a layout - it's simple, but it makes a very good impression. You need only one look to sink into old, ancient worlds. Good work, mr graphic!
To sum it up, Slavland's last album is a great release. I often return to this LP, and I think that fans of pagan metal will spend with this album as many time as I do. I just hope that this is not the end of the band, like Metal Archives suggests...

Rate: 8/10

1. Słowiański Odwet
2. Pieśń Perunowa
3. Mokosz
4. Władca Podziemi
5. Wataha
6. Kupalny Wieczór

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