Veldes - 'Skyward' EP (2014)


'Skyward' (EP)

Razed Soul Productions


Veldes is a slovenian atmospheric black metal band, founded in 2012 by Tilen Simon (Nephrolith). This project has released only one album so far. It's succesor is called 'Skyward', and it contains four new tracks.
To be honest I hadn't opportunity to listen to band's music. But the first contact with this EP was rather positive - the cover art reminded me Beksinski's works (or maybe it really is his picture?). I simply like such kind of graphics. I like also Drudkh and Wolves In The Throne Room, which defenitely inspired Veldes to compose and record. Unfortunately the music of this slovenian project is not very original. I failed to find here any element that would be surprising. The music is not bad though, especially in the slower parts - even if for most of the time it is a well-known combination: 'hypnotic, black metal riffs + some keyboard samples + typical black metal screaming manner'. Interesting though are moments in the second song 'Woe Eater', when a sound of Veldes turns more into music inspired by Solstafir from 'Svartir Sandar' album. Also ambient intro and outro is quite good - it might be great to hear more of such mixture of psychodelia and electronic stuff in the future. Those are defenitely the best fragments of this release.
From the other hand, the music has also a big flaw - I don't know how other reviewers see this, but in my opinion fast parts are annoying. I mean here especially cymbals and double foot percusion. Maybe it's a fault of bad production, but it seems to me that a drum machine replaces here a 'live' musician. And everyone knows how sound blast-beats made in computer programs - terrible!
The material is short, so I am also writing short review. Generally speaking, the content of this EP is not bad. Fans of aforementioned bands, as well as of atmospheric music in general should like 'Skyward'. I am affraid though that Veldes won't find many supporters outside those narrow circles. My advice for a future is as follows - try to more experiment in slower areas, especially with those psychedelic and ambient things. And defenitely change a sound of drums if you want to continue doing more extreme parts in the future. Now everything sounds OK, but as far as I hear it Tilen is capable to record something much better.

Rating: 6+/10

Listen to band's music here: 

1. Skyward
2. Woe Eater
3. Of Rain And Mose
4. Gone
Total time: 26:35

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