Žrec - "Pameti" (2012)



Murderous Prod.


After a debut album "Zertva" czech folk metalheads strikes back with their second full lenght album "Pameti". And I must say that this second strike is not very powerfull.
First track "1066" is similar to what they have done on their first LP - a mix of fast, oldschool black with some slower parts, happy folkish tunes and many clean vocals and quasi-choirs. This first composition is a great example of musical schizophrenia - I am not sure if Czechs wanted to record something serious, or just another jolly polka crap. That worked on their previous opus, but here it's very... Mediocre. The effect is that nothing remains in the head, even after a couple of listenings. This problem touches almost every part of this album - you can't hear any true emotions. This album simply doesn't have cojones, so to speak. Later album goes into more classical hard/heavy areas, but it's still nothing special - sorry to write, but these riffs had been played something like 1000 times or even more.
But there are moments that can be more than listenable, when classical production of sound, which in no ways suits for more aggressive stuff, is a big advantage - I mean a slow, psychodelic parts like in "Smrt a Mraz" or "Vitr na Polich". If a whole album was constructed in such way, I'd be bought...
Last thing I'd like to write are vocals. This harsh are really good, and their suits well for more aggresive parts. Clean ones are much more... Unpredictable. Let's face it - a singer is not another Dickinson. I think that he had done everything he could to make this material more dramatic, but he has no bigger talent, and is only another element named "averageness".
The real problem with this album is that it is not a total crap - it really has it moments (a part of "Bida" in around 5:00 is really majestic and beautiful). But everything good is unfortunately burried by very poor, average elements. This could be a good album, really. I hope another Zrec opus will be something much more emotional.

Rate: 5+/10 


1. 1066    
2. Smrt a mráz    
3. Vítr na polích    
4. Čarovná vrba    
5. Bída    
6. Paměti

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